Please click on any of the following dates to see what I was working on at that time.

6-16-13 All kinds of stuff going on.

12-1-12 This is a tardy update, but I have a lot to report.

7-16-12 Here is a long update- scout camp, fishing trip, Alaska, sculpture and pots.

4-2-12 Photos of the Meramec show, wisteria in the backyard and Harry Weber.

1-26-12 Just a bunch of photos that were in my update folder...

10-1-11 Ten tile panels and a bunch of figures.

9-6-11 One long and rambling update!

7-17-11 Click here for the latest-everything from collections, the show at the Zanesville Museum, 2011 Pottery Lovers and even scout camp!

4-20-11 I have been working on figures, a catalog and taking a train trip.

2-15-11I have been working in a figurative mode for the last few months. Check it out...

12-7-10 I have been thinking about the human figure and casting it in hot metal.

11-6-10 The backyard Greek Temple Folly is finished and I am working on a couple of figurative sculptures- as well as other things.

9-12-10 Click to see some photos of my backyard, the WPA show, some pots and my Greek Temple Ruins!

8-2-10 A few Zanesville pictures and what is happening in the studio in preparation for the WPA show.

6-26-10 Click to see lots of pots- many of which will be coming to Zanesville for Pottery Lovers 2010.

5-24-10 I have been diligently glazing- until my kiln decided to quit.

4-26-10 I am finished making and am starting glazing- venom pots, dragonfly pots, gourds and also animal and figures.

3-22-10 I am surrounded by animals!

2-22-10 I am busy and making all kinds of stuff! Commemoratives, Venom pots, figures, piggie banks, cat sculptures, Black Hole bowls.... It seems I just can't stay on task!

1-20-10 Hawaii, a few glazed pieces and LOTS of bisque...

12-5-09 Click to see lots of Venom Pots and a few "erotic?" sculptures.

10-26-09 I am making lots-o-pots right now. Click and see what will be coming down the pike.

9-21-09 Check out what I am up to!

8-17-09 I am back in the swing of making.

6-16-09 Finally another update.

3-29-09 Click to see what I have been making and selling.

2-4-09 I have been busy...

12-24-08 Photos of what I am up to...

11-17-08 Autumn inspiration, tile show, moon photos, and what I am making.

10-6-08 Just a bunch of photos...

9-1-08 I am back in the swing making Dragonflies, Oak Trees, Landscapes, plenty-o-gourds and a bit of jewelry.

7-30-08 I am going to be selling some pots on ebay. Also check out the load of gourds that just came out of the kiln.

6-25-08 Click to see what is happening....

5-27-08 Earthquakes, kiln disaster, simple and fun pots.

3-12-08 Back in the studio.

1-14-08 Egypt!!

12-1-07 Finally, an update.

10-8-07 I only have a few pots to show you.

9-3-07 I have to show you some photos, but all I have to show are pictures of how I spent my summer vacation!

7-22-07 Click to see a few Zanesville photos.

6-11-07 I have some finished pots, but I still have a long way to go glazing.

5-12-07 Finally started glazing...

4-8-07 Just about done making and I HAVE to start glazing for '07.

3-7-07 Just some pictures of what I am making at the moment.

2-6-07 Pictured are a few really elaborate pieces made of porcelain as well as some pieces made of stoneware.

12-29-06 I am still making a mix of functional and art pottery. Actually, I am making lots of other stuff, but I just can't show it yet.

11-26-06 Pots, cups, bowls, plate. I am making functinal stuff as well as art pots

11-2-06 All kinds of pots pictured.

10-1-06 I am just about finished glazing for this year and will soon be at the wheel once again. Hoorraayy!

7-18-06 Click and see what Zanesville is like.

6-24-06 This is the last update before Pottery Lovers '06.

6-11-06 More new pots.

5-26-06 I finally have some new pots to show you.

5-8-06 I have finished making and I have stared glazing again.

4-10-06 Just about finished making for '06. See what will be coming down the line. Also, a possible new annual Zanesville tradtion will be started. It's birth is hinted at in this update.

3-20-06 I am still throwing and making pots for the new year and hope to be switching over to glazing in about three weeks.

2-19-06 Take a look at a couple of new designs- bamboo and coleus.

1-16-06 Just another report on how I have been spending my time.

12-21-05 Check out the tile panels.

11-30-05 "Reglazing." What a difference it can make!

9-30-05 I am determined to glaze every piece of bisque in the studio. Well, at least I would like to.

7-19-05 Please take a peek at a few Zanesville pictures. No text, just pictures.

7-4-05 I am heading to Zanesville. Let the party begin!

6-16-05 Take a look at some recent pots.

5-18-05 I have been throwing pots, forming gourds, reglazing and getting carried away when I see a piece of smooth flat clay.

4-16-05 Take a look at the glazing process on 10 of my recent pots.

3-27-05 Here are some random pictures of what is going on in the studio.

2-27-05 No doubt you think I am slacking off. Right? Wrong!

2-6-05 Glazing. Firing. Reglazing. Refiring. Is it worth it?

1-19-05 My artwork is slowly making the move from the tabletop to the wall!

12-29-04 There is a lot happening...

12-5-04 Not a finished pot in site.

11-16-04 Click the date to see- and read- how I have been spending my time.

10-13-04 Pictured are a bunch of excuses. They are good ones though.

08-23-04 This update has little to do with pottery. Except for the vague and tantilizing promise that is.

7-14-04 View some pictures from Pottery Lovers 2004.

7-4-04 Some Zanesville pots!

6-13-04 Pots and panels that will and will not be coming to Zanesville.

5-23-04 Take a peek at the first finished pieces of the year. There are only a couple, but they point the way!

5-2-04 I am finished making and I am starting to glaze. In next two weeks it will be tiles and tile panels that are going to get the glaze treatment.

4-18-04 Lots happening is this small but efficient studio.

4-4-04Click to see some of my recent efforts as well as some odball pictures.

3-21-04 As usual, it is the time of year that I feel I am stretched way too thin. I am still working on new projects and I only have maybe three weeks to go before I start glazing.

3-7-04. Again, all is going well in the studio. I made a number of tile panels and some very unusual pots- if you can call them pots.

2-22-04All is going well. Pots, tiles, Moby Dick and my "mystery project" are all going well.

2-8-04 Success and failure. I am working diligently- criss crossing designs and making new things.

1-26-04I am doing a lot with molds right now.

1-12-04 I just started making pots again and here is a taste of what is to come.

12-28-03 Here are the results of the last load of "03. It is, as usual, a mix of "WOW" and "DAMN!"

12-14-03 Still glazing, but I have to start throwing for the next year.

11-04-03 Two things: What I am going to do about my inability to predict when pots will be avavilable. And secondly, as usual, here are some pots I am working on and that SHOULD be available shortly.

10-22-03 I am slow, ain't I?

10-5-03I really am working even though you are not seeing the results. Patience, treasure is comin'.

8-15-03 I am still glazing! I thought I would have a load glazed this week. Nope, I am behind schedule as usual. A home improvemnet project ate up a week (I am never- never- touching concrete again!!) I am going to fire a load this weekend. And then I will fire another a week later. If you are on my email list I will contact you immediately upon posting these new pots.

7-20-03 Back to the studio! I am out of pots, but I am back at makin'. Studio is clean, materials and glazed are restocked and I am making treasure! I am three weeks- maybe a month- away from posting new pots that are for sale on this website. I hope you have "a perfect spot" somewhere in the house for one of my pots.

7-8-03 Please look at what you are missing if you didn't attend Pottery Lovers.

7-3-03 Here are some pots going to Zanesville tomorrow.

6-23-03 Here are some pics of pieces being glazed. My kiln is going to be busy the next two weeks. Zanesville!

6-6-03No text, just some pictures of what I have been making.

5-20-03 Click to see what has been happening in the studio. There is one picture of the first of the big plates finished and on the wall.

5-2-03 Check out some outdoor sculptures, a kiln disaster, a great new design and a few studio pics.

4-14-03 Lots of new designs this year.

3-23-07 Here are a number of random shots of what has been happening in the studio.

3-7-07 Please take a peek at 20 bowls.

2-16-03 Some pics of another mold process, a few of the 20" porcelain chargers, and a number of unique tiles.

1-27-03 There is lots happening in the studio. In addition to the usual, this time I am going to briefly show you the process of making a mold for pressing out tiles.

1-08-03 I am still not showing you what is happening in the studio, but I am going to take you on a brief tour to the other side of the world.

12-20-02 I am making good on something I said I would show you a year ago.

11-30-02 Making a mold, some recently made things and a wild bathroom.

11-14-02How I have been spending my time.

10-25-02 Take a look at a few lamps and lamp bases.

8-27-02 Take a look at an unusually elaborate piece.

7-20-02 I took a few pics while up in Zanesville. Take a peek.

6-4-02 Here are about a dozen pots that will be going to Zanesville in July.

5-18-02 I thought it was time to show you a load of pots that came out of the kiln and were very disappointing. DAMN!

5-01-02 All I have to show are the pots on the newpots page. There won't be much activity on this "Current Work" page in the near future. I am spending every minute glazing and all my web energy is spent on showing you my new pots for sale.

4-18-02-I glazed and fired the first load of pots in six months. The results go from great to terrible. Another load or two and I'll be more on target. This is a long page and a slow download for a dail-up. Sorry, but I gotta show you these pics.

4-4-02-Finally, I am in the throws of glaze mixing, glaze testing and pot glazing. Got a hundred wonderful pots to glaze. Here's the start of something big....

3-6-02-I made some great pots in the last month of my make cycle. Soon, it's glaze time! There are also some pics of University City pottery and some bigger pieces sitting about the studio.

2-18-02-Recent versions of some favorite pots- Rain and Alium- a pot shape I love, and one man's partial collection of some early pots.

2-4-02-Snow, gourds, wisteria, northern lights; inspiring pictures and inspired pots.

1/4/02-Some new and very exciting winter pots. I dare say these pots have 5000 marks on 'em. Maybe 10,000.

12/18/01-"It's a white whale, I say," resumed Ahab, as he threw down the top-maul; "a white whale. Skin your eyes for him, men; look sharp for white water; if ye see but a bubble, sing out."

12/03/01-Some excuses, magazine articles, a bowl, some pots, and some predictions.

11/20/01-The Waterfall piece(s), the first Locust pot in three years, and a wonderful gourd pot.

11/10/01-Alton Bluffs, a big Snake pot, and fall landscape inspired pots.

11/1/01--Alton Bluffs pot and three bulbous gourds.