First, let me show you a few pieces that were offered on ebay.

And here are a few photos of what I am working on in the studio and what will be coming down the pike to a show or web site near you!

First, let me show some more photos of the piece I call "I Burn For You". I have shown you some preliminary work in the last update and now I will show you what progress I have made. This piece will be perhaps two or three months (four? five?) in the making process.

This piece will show me standing in a white-hot kiln and handing out a finished (room temp) pot. First I have to build a kiln...

fill it with flattened pots and shelves...

add a figure holding a pot...

add wood and flames...

add the brick frame and a few references to a few religions and "presto", you have the finished piece. Well, it is a stretch to say "finished." It has a long way to go. I will keep you informed. This piece will end up being about 21" tall and will be free standing OR it can hang on the wall.

Now I wish I could make more of these figures, but I have to make what sell$. I need cash flow of some kind. So lately, I have decided to devote a lot of my time to making variations of pots that I have made in the past and I know folks want. And it is fun making these new interpretations. I was hoping to get into Grove Park this year, but at the moment, it does not seem likely. However, the good news is I will great pots to sell on the web rather than at the Grove Park Inn. Generally, I can offer them cheaper on the web. The really great pots are, however, always going to be expensive.

I always enjoy making these four handled "Floriform" pots.

When I trim pots, I immediately take the trimmings and spray them with water and make something- anything- out of them. I made these two pieces from the trimmings on one large pot. This particular form is my favorite of my gourds. It is very simple and pleasing. And one of my favorite pots is this little beauty in front of the photo. I love the glaze!

This woodblock print by Shotei has inspired a number of pieces. I recently looked at it once again and said, "Gotta make another piece"

Here is an older piece that is actually a water fountain.

And this is the most recent interpretation of that print. This is going to be a vase that somehow- hopefully- captures something of the spirit of a waterfall.

I made a few plain cylinders that I anticipate will be come landscape pots.

I made this one real big and fat! I think most folks would look at this pot's present state and they would say, "Why?" It is so plain. It is just a big tube. Well, that is the idea. I am hoping this plain tube will become an elaborately glazed landscape that you have to spin around to see in its entirety. Maybe it will be night on one side and day on the other.

Don't ask me why, but here is something else I made with trimmings.

I decided to revisit my design that I call "California Poppy." I have only made three to date. I have one, Tim O has this one and the other...... I forget where it is. This one pictured is the best of the bunch.

Oh, by the way, as long as I am talking about forgetting, do you have this pot? If you do, send me an email. I forget who has it. It is one of my best pots and one day I may need to....

I miss it so much, I decided to make a few. Here is one and another is under the plastic waiting to be trimmed and carved.

That is about it for this update. I am diligently making right now. I may buy one more box or porcelain to make another six pots and then I have to start glazing. I am sitting on a LOT of bisque right now. I could glaze for six months and not get it all finished and fired. If I were to get the nod for Grove Park, I REALLY have to hustle. I have virtually nothing to sell right now.