Once again it has been an embarrassingly long time between updates. My "update" folder has 84 pics in it and most of them follow. It is not like I have been slacking off. I have been busy.

Here is a bowl with two of my favorite themes combined- sun and shade and coneflowers in the snow. This is a wonderful piece in my eyes. It was inspired by what I see in my backyard.

I participated in the St. Louis Contemporary Art Museum's "Open Studios" weekend. I made lots of stuff to sell for little or be given away. I gave most of it away.

Just a studio shot with all that ware waiting to be glazed.

Here are a couple of 15 or so bowls that were available. I like the one on the right the best and I sent it off to a friend as a gift.

Make a decision and tell me which of these pots you prefer. I glazed them both up "realistically" like the one on the right. I glazed them at the same time and that means they were nearly identical as far as the glazing was concerned. I had to say that I did not care for them. I decided to reglaze the left one with my Salvation glaze, which always transforms pots. When I want big change, I look for Salvation. So the results are pictured. I think I want to do the same for the left one, but decide to poll 17 friends on which way they like them. The results were eye opening. Eight vote left, eight vote right and one undecided! Lesson? I guess it means no accounting for tastes and I may as well produce variety. I much prefer the left. Will I say lesson "Be Damned!"? We will see.

This bowl was a beauty. I gave it to a friend of the arts.

This is one large Venom Pot. I will be listing it soon and I will be listing a few others you can see further down the page. New Wisterias!

The pot is full of venom. I am jot going to tell you the title that is written on the bottom of this pot. It may alienate half the population.

I am proud of this selection of cups. These are a few I pulled for myself from the Open Studios production. I gave most to friends. I think I have one.

Oh oh, wisterias. Fired three times.

I have made maybe 10 of these Oak Tree Pots. I glazed the last three recently and they turned out killer. This one will be for sale shortly as well. It does have a tiny 3/8 to 1/2" firing line that is glazed over in the lip. It is minor minor and the pot rings true when tapped. I finally get the process and the look down and I am out of pots!

Here is a big 10x15 tile called "Missouri Sumac". It had a little firing line as well that I repaired. I have since framed it. It might be for sale as well.

Oh oh, lush lush wisteria.

I took a photo of this WWII print to show a friend. I have one other by the same military artist. I love love love this print titled "Jap Bomber Crashing into Leyte Gulf". I bought it 35 years ago and 10 years later I came across another print by the same artist. Sorry, I don't have a picture of the second one handy.

Speaking of love love love.... This pot in an earlier manifestation was a favorite. The former glaze that is completely hidden looked like an opal. A piece of 1/2 x 6" steel bar fell from my metal storage rack and took a bite out of the lip. See that depression between the handles? That is were the chuck was missing. I said I was not only going to save the pot, but I would improve it. I reground the top shape of the pot on all four sides so you could not tell it was missing anything. Then I loaded it up with my "jewel" glaze. This is the thicker and slowest moving glaze I have and it is all original. (I tell you I am a glazemeister.) So I glazed it super heavy, stood it up on a stand off, fired it hot and bingo- treasure. I ground the bottom clean. I have done some unbelievable things to save "lost" pots. Tales tooooo long to tell here.

Many of you will remember, some of you were there, that I was asked to make a token for all the folks at the 2005 Pottery Lovers up in Ohio. I made 125 (actually 200 plus) tiles and nearly all had drawings and/or dedications on the back. I thanked everyone I knew and many I did not by inscribing and drawing pictures- oft of that person- on the back. Of course I put my picture on the back of many. So I made 125 of these 6x6" tiles that had personal dedications on the back. I then wrapped each in newspaper. They were handed out RANDOMLY as the PL people entered for the dinner and they were told not to open them until told to do so. Well, when they were told to "OPEN THEM" everybody did and all realized they had someone else's tile!!! Five minutes of chaos errupted as everyone tried to find "his or her" tile!!! I loved it.

So recently I decided the back of the tile was more important than the front and picked out four portrait tiles I still had, framed them individually and epoxied them together. Pictured here is the back of my multi-portrait and it shows the "front" of the tiles.

This is how I spent a lot of my summer. I was covering a commercial building I use in galvanized steel. I got half of it done this year and the rest of the front I will finish next summer. More about this later....

I started this figure. You will see the final product later.

The company that makes this tile Native Tile makes the best contemporary tile I have seen. Laguna Clay had them made to give customers and I was a customer. Lucky me! It is 6x8" and the surface is absolutely flat. I don't know how they do it, but I would love to know.

A very nice dragonfly pot that is available. Details are at the end of this page.

I made this plate as a gift for a potter friend. I just sent it off to him as a surprise. You will see the finished piece down this page.

I am constantly being side tracked. Why did I decide to carve a cat out of wood?

These three smiling, joyous, sexy, beautiful pot loving women came to visit from the Virginia area. Betsy, in the middle, made contact with me about a year ago and is a pot lover and buyer. Ann, Betsy's sister, Kari, her friend AND Betsy's mom, Carol- another beauty- and Betsy's brother Andrew (both not pictured) all visited and we went to lunch and toured a bit of St. Louis. It was great fun and they say they plan to visit St. Louis- Andrew lives here- every Labor Day. I am looking forward to it already. I have a new appreciation and love of "southern women".

These pots left town with the girls.

I had a bit of luck and found this 9x9" Franklin tile in a spot that was completely out of context and purchased it for little. I framed it.

I made this "Beach Memories" tile panel for Betsy. I made two at the time so there are three total. Bets has this blue one, I have the first one on my wall and the other sand colored one below is available. Details are at the end of this page.

Ahhh, the wisterias. Details down below...

I framed up a couple of Koichi Maeda prints. His prints have a light and air of extreme calm. I love them. Here is a site I visit- and buy from- The Japanese Closet.

Here is another shot of that figure you saw earlier.

Here is an odd shot of a St. Louis landmark...

that ended up in my backyard! The angel had to move as the property upon which she stood was sold. I put in dibs as soon as I heard the property was being sold. I was going to buy the 10-ton cast iron column upon which she stood, but I balked.

Once again my steel front building. I have a shop in the store on the right and the storefront on the left is storage.

The doors are gated and next year, I intend to turn the gates into something that is neo-deco. Perhaps a line drawing of dancing women on each door - there are four doors- made out of steel bar.

Here is an interesting aside. I was walking Manchester Avenue and in the middle of Grovefest. The street is packed, and I had not seen so much counter-culture since the days when I lived three blocks from the intersection of Haight and Ashbury Streets in San Francisco. So I am weaving through the crowds and there is a break in the crowd on my right and what do I see but:

To make a long story short, I meet him, he asks if I need a poem, I say yes, he asks the subject and I say "reunions". My wife, Kathy, says, "Oh, he is thinking reunion because he has his 50th grade school reunion in three hours." He says he will write me a poem and I say I have to leave in fifteen minutes. His reply: "I'll put you at the head of the queue." Fifteen minutes later, this is in my hand...

Do you know Don and Patti? I made a portrait tile for them years ago and I gave it to them with a big firing line right across it. Why I didn't repair or redo it, I do not know.

Here is the finished piece of my friend Art.

Here is a big wisteria that I am working on. Looks like a disaster right now? Just wait....

I am trying something completely different!

Here is yet another picture of that figure. This is not what you want to see when you open the kiln.

Not to be discouraged, I took all the pieces and stuck them together with epoxy and filler and here it is on the wall.

It is titled something like "Don't nail yourself to your ideas".

Ok, I have some pots for sale just click here.